The Fashion Intern Doesn’t Wear Prada

My first day interning at the fashion magazine was daunting. I had no clue what my day would entail and it would be my first time doing editorial work. Not to mention, my first time taking a bus to my beloved New York City.

What would I wear? Was there a dress code? I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. I had to look stylish and be comfortable since I would have to ride my bike, Lola, to the bus station. Ugh.

5AM: I get up and start getting ready. I still didn’t know what I was wearing and I attempted to do something cute with my hair. Of course, my efforts were rendered useless thanks to all the uphill climbs I had to make with Lola. Also: biking and holding hot tea in your hand OR in a cup holder is not a good idea. I don’t care how steady your hands are.

7AM: Bus ride to NYC. I attempt to do some reading for one of my classes but have to stop almost immediately because I start getting dizzy. Instead I listen to a playlist on Spotify and try to calm myself down.

9:30AM: I enter the beautiful building that I am luckily enough to say I work at and wait in line to get my ID pass. I head up to the office and panic because you need an ID to get in, something I don’t have. After about 5 minutes of knocking and just plain staring at people, someone lets me in. I am taught where to put the clothing racks and sit down and go over paper work.

I am immediately put to work, since I am the only intern they have that day. I check in clothes and accessories, which is just like opening up packages except you don’t get to keep what’s inside. I also returned clothes, which is just boxing up things that were already used and send them back to the brand or the PR company.

1PM: I’m starting to get hungry so I snack. I’m so happy to live in a snacking environment. I just started snacking as per my nutritionist’s recommendation. I used to only eat when I was hungry but now I always have more snacks with me than anything else in my bag. See, I didn’t know that I got to pick when I take lunch. I was sitting around waiting for my supervisor to tell me when I could go. So no, lunch for me.

6:45PM: I finally leave the office and walk back to the bus station. I get lost in the bus station and can’t find where my bus is. It turns out I waited at the wrong terminal and almost missed it.

9PM: I’m finally back at school and crash on my bed with some pasta and Netflix. I pass out soon after, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. playing as I fall asleep.


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