Strike A Pose

Photo shoots are fun. You don’t really do a lot of work. As an intern, you do sitting credits, which I’m not going to explain to you, because as it is only my fifth day, I really don’t know what they are. In fact, I completely messed them up on the shoot. Because, well, it was my second time doing them, and my first for the kind of shoot we were doing.

I get to work with crazy talented people on photo shoots. Everyone from:

  • The hairstylist (shiny, healthy hair)
  • The makeup artist (bold, berry lip)
  • The manicurist (shades of red)
  • The photographer (shot after shot was beautiful as is his assistant, WHO IS AN AQUARIUS, and sadly has a girlfriend)
  • The models (experimented with different poses and took direction so well)

And of course there’s the fashion editor. Who styles and helps pick out everything from clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Believe it or not, a lot of the clothes we use on shoots is stuff we buy, keep the tags on, and make it look perfect again so we can return it. So, pretty much what girls short on cash do when they have to decide between the perfect dress for that date and paying your cell phone bill. We make it work.

Photo shoots have a funny rhythm to them. They start early in the morning, but they never start on time. Someone is always late (I’m looking at you NYC traffic). Then you sit and eat food while you wait for the model to get ready. Nails, hair and makeup. The photographer has to set up, make sure the lighting is right, and everything is where it needs to be for the shot. Then action starts to happen when the model gets dressed in the clothes that I graciously steamed (Thanks for teaching me, Mom) and off it is to start shooting. Various poses are struck and editors talk about the model like she isn’t standing five feet from them. Everyone freezes as sample photos are sent to a group of important people to get approval. Silence is deafening as the head honcho calls to tell what he likes and what he doesn’t and we adjust accordingly.

The process is repeated until we have everything we need. The ebb and flow of photo shoots are kind of calming because you know what happens next. Then one by one, everyone leaves. The models, the manicurist, the hairstylist, the makeup artist, the editors, the photographer, until it’s just us interns, cleaning up the beautiful destruction in the wake of an glamorous hurricane.

Calm before the storm in the studio.

Calm before the storm in the studio.


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