Resolutions Part I


It’s New Year’s Eve, which means that we have survived another year and we have come out even stronger. 2015 was a big year for me. It was filled with opportunities, love, heartbreak, laughter, and friends old and new. As crazy as this year was, I’m going to miss 2015.

Here were my resolutions for 2015:

Learn to code: Thanks to iTunes U, I was able to take a few courses on the subject matter. I am by no means a pro but I’m better than I was in 2014 so I would call that a win. √

Get a magazine internship: Being a part of Redbook Magazine and Woman’s Day was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to gain knowledge of an industry I love and meet people who have inspired me to get more involved. √

Learn to drive: I don’t have my license yet. But this year I got behind the wheel more and more and feel more at ease on a highway than I ever have before and that’s all thanks to wonderful people who have more faith in me than I do in myself. I’m all set to schedule my road test! √

Stop being so afraid of being in love/a relationship: Who would have thought that the first few days of 2015 would be the worst/best days of the year? When I wrote this, I was 24 hours away from being kissed by my best friend and being made of aware of something I didn’t see as an option before. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago where I felt that maybe I was ready to be in a relationship again. And it was only this month that I felt like I didn’t need to be in a relationship. I have surrounded myself with friends who love me so much that I don’t feel the need or want to be in a romantic relationship. √




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