July Glam Bag

The theme for the July Glam Bag was “Hot Summer Nights.” It’s suppose to “capture the low-key, laid-back vibes of summer.”
Now, I don’t think the theme of this bag matches the description. “Hot Summer Nights” make me think of parties and dancing at bars until 2AM with my friends in neon shades. Where as low-key and laid-back vibes make me think of tailgating at a concert and hanging out with my friends. So I get two different vibes from that.
That being said, I liked everything that I received this month. My favorite product was the OFRA Cosmetics Lipliner. I just fell in love with the color.
My least favorite product this month was probably was theBalm Cosmetics eyeshadow. Not because it’s not a good shadow! I’m still bitter that I didn’t get Ka-Brow from Benefit and I received a similar color eyeshadow from Ipsy not too long ago.
I love the highlighter from tre’StiQue! It’s so easy to just elevate your look and to toss in your bag to reapply. It’s a great shade and a good size.
The small angled brush from Luxie Beauty is so versatile. It’s what I love most about it. I hate brushes where I feel like I can’t use them for multiple purposes. You can spend really good money on a brush and only use it one way? No. Not going to happen with Luxie brushes because they’re affordable and multi-purpose.
The hand cream from Cake Beauty is a fun item to have for the summer but I’m not sure it is something that I would pick up on my own. Regardless, I think it’s a fun scent for the summer and it really does leave my hands feeling soft. I think when the season’s change I would pick out a different scent. They have plenty!
Check out Ipsy for information on how you can get your own Glam Bag!

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