Nest Fragrances’ Citrine Eau De Parfum

I have a LOT of fragrances. It’s one of those things that I buy or collect samples and then forget to put it on.
That being said, I’m drawn to more masculine scents, I think they are more warming and not as stiff as some feminine fragrances, if that makes sense.
So, when I got Nest Fragrances’ Citrine eau de parfum, I didn’t really think I would like it, since there are freesias on the front. But, I was wrong.
This eau de parfum are scents of lemon blossoms, lotus flower, freesia, dew drop accords, precious woods, and sparkling citrus.
For me, the woods and citrus really ground this scent for me. It’s still light and airy with the flowers, but doesn’t leave you with a headache.
This is definitely a good fragrance for the lazy summer days or the hot summer date nights… if I can remember to put it on.
You can get this fragrance for $68 dollars (50 mL) or the rollerball version (perfect for tossing in your bag!) for $25.

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