Almay Smart Shade Skin Tone Matching Makeup

This is what I have been using on my face all of summer. It is the perfect, lightweight makeup solution for those hot summer days. It’s what I wear when I don’t really want to go out without makeup but don’t want to put any on. It just gives a nice, light coverage and makes you forget you’re even wearing makeup.
I just use my (clean!) fingers to apply this and I’m ready to move on. It has SPF 15 in it, which I love and is great for sensitive skin. What I dislike is their limited range of shades; they only have three shades. What are people with deeper skin tones suppose to do?
I’ve been using the shade 300 in Medium, in case you were wondering.
If you’re looking for full coverage, this is not what you want. This is more on the BB cream side.
For $13.99, it might be a lot to spend if you are looking for face makeup with more coverage. But if you’re more of a natural makeup lover, this is for you.

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