Hey Honey 24Seven Day & Night Revitalizing Cream

I love Hey Honey. I’ve used their product before and really enjoy the research and thinking behind their products.
The founder of the company learned that honey has a very similar molecular weight to skin, making it perfect for our skin to absorb honey easily. Honey has been used for forever to treat wounds and burns. The natural antioxidants is great for slowing down the aging process. Honey is also naturally antibacterial so it’s also great for treating blemishes.
This product is great because it’s one cream that you can use as a moisturizer during the day and right before you go to bed. It’s light enough to use around the eye, on your neck, and even on your dΓ©colletΓ©. It’s not greasy at all which I love. I still don’t understand how people tone their skin and then put on a greasy moisturizer, what’s the point? It’s also not sticky and smells so good. You can thank the honeysuckle and cucumber for that. I know that seems like a weird combination, but it works! It goes without saying that honey is also on the ingredients list.
You can also mix this in with your foundation and create a BB cream, but I personally like it best just on it’s on. I feel fresh and clean with it on and it absorbs quickly into the skin. Just remember to put it on in an upward motion. You want to work against gravity!
This product isn’t cheap. At $38, you’ll be paying your fair share. But you’ll be getting 50mL of an amazing day and night cream! Two products in one? Sign me up.

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