Formula X Nail Polish in Wingwoman

I’m an Essie and OPI girl. I don’t stray from those brands. I’ve been using them for as long as I can remember, own hundreds of different shades, and I’m happy with only using those two. But I’m always down to try new brands.
Formula X is a great brand because it’s paraben, sulfate and phthalate free. The colors they produce are enriched with ShineXcel, which makes the color pop due to a luminescent component.
The brush for the nail polish was a lot wider than I’m used to, so it was a bit harder to get into tiny corners. I was also a little confused about the shade because in the bottle it looks more like a hot pink but on the website and on the actual nail is more of a scarlet red depending on the light.
I do love a good red and this one is beautiful. It also is very long wearing. I usually chip my manicure within 48 hours of having it. But this Formula X polish measures up.
I’m also confused because they have the color on their website, which you can’t buy from them directly, you have to buy them from Sephora. But Sephora doesn’t have Wingwoman as a color they carry…
You can buy other colors from them at Sephora for $10.50. They are cheaper than OPI which are $12.50 a piece but more expensive than Essie which ring in at $8.50. But you have to consider how much product you’re getting as well. Formula X is $10.50 for 0.4oz of product. OPI is $12.50 for 0.5oz of product. Finally, Essie is $8.50 for 0.46oz.
Would you want to see more nail polish posts on a regular basis? I have TONS of colors. I change my nail color pretty often. Let me know below!

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