Global Beauty Care Dead Sea Wash Off Mask

This mask smells like a clean man. Like, a guy who just showered and put on deodorant. I love it, because I love masculine scents.
The mask itself is great. It’s easy to apply, not messy and feels really nice on the skin. This mask has salts and minerals from the Dead Sea from Israel in it. It helps draw out impurities, peels away dead skin cells, and helps improves elasticity. I could feel it working. It doesn’t sting, but you know it’s there.
I really like the nifty packet the mask comes in. I love that you can use this all over your body! You don’t see many masks like that.
For only $9.99, this mask is great to throw on for 15 minutes and start an episode of One Tree Hill (just finished the series) or leave it on longer and watch Chelsea Does (which I just started!). Another use is to just take a Q-Tip and put the mask on a blemish, go to sleep, and rinse it off in the morning!

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