How I Put On False Lashes

I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks ago that I bought new lashes and asked if anyone wanted to see how I put them on… and well, you can see my this post that people wanted to see it.
Putting on false lashes is a struggle. Beauty vloggers hardly ever put on falsies on camera, and I know why. Because it’s not something that you can do in just one take. You might have to work with them a little.
So I’m going to show you TWO ways that I use to put on mine. I made short videos, this way you can take it step-by-step and not have to stop to rewind and all of that. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you!
What You’ll Need:


 Step One:
You just want to curl your lashes. I usually do three pumps: one at the base of the lash, one in the middle, and one at the ends. Is this step necessary? Yes, if you want your real lashes to blend with your fake ones.


Step Two:
Then you’re just going to coat your lashes in mascara!
Step Three:
I think this is a step a lot of people either don’t know about, forget, or don’t know how to do. You MUST measure your lashes against your eyes. You have to make sure your lashes are the right length otherwise they are going to look weird and annoy you all day.
So, you’re just going to use your fingers and place your lash on top of you actual lashes and see if there’s any access to trim off.
I don’t like to start my lashes right in the inner corner. They usually itch and bother me all day if they are too close. But you can place them where ever you want. 
Step Four:
When you’re trimming your lashes, you want to start trimming them on the outer corner, especially if you have tapered lashes (shorter lashes in the inner corner, longer at the outer corners). This is where your little nail scissors come in. You could use actual scissors, but that leaves more room for error.
After you trim a little off, remember, you only want to cut off a little at a time. You want to go back and measure it against your eye. You’re going to keep doing this until you get your desired length.
Step Five:
This is another step that I think people don’t know about. When you take a new pair of lashes out, they’re pretty straight. Your eyes, are curved, rounded. So, you get your lashes to curve, you’re going to literally wrap them around your finger. 

You can see the difference this tiny step takes!
Step Six:
Now it’s time to add the glue! You can add the glue directly to the lash if you want. If the glue I’m using doesn’t have a wand, I apply it to my hand first, then I glide my lash through it.
Then, I add extra glue directly to the ends of the lash. This is where my lashes usually lift. You can add extra glue to where ever your lashes usually lift on you.
Step Seven:
The moment you’ve been wanting for: time to apply the lashes! Now for this method, I like to stare straight-ahead and start my tweezers above my eye and come at a downward angle. This is to place them right behind your lash line to see how they would look when you’re done. You definitely have to play with your lashes more in this method, as you will see in my video. But this is the method I use most often. The key is to come at a downward angle and not straight at your eyes.
After you get your lashes on, you want to squeeze the fake lashes with your real ones so there aren’t any gaps. This is scary, you can poke yourself in the eye. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. This isn’t too scary too me because I put in contacts all the time. This helps make your fake lashes look more like your real ones!
Step Seven Part 2:
Now I’m going to show you the other way I put on lashes. This is a lot easier in my opinion. I suggest using this way if you are really struggle putting on lashes.
This is super easy! You just need a compact mirror or any mirror for this. I literally just pop them on. I do not need to play with them at all! It’s so much easier to see your lid and where the lash needs to go.
Step Eight:
Now it’s time to cover up the lash band. Now I did this without doing eyeliner or an eye look because I wanted you to see it better, but you could totally cover the lash band with more eye liner if you wanted. I just used black eyeshadow to cover it up and make it look natural.
And you just place it on the lash band until you can’t see it anymore.
Step Nine:
Now you just finish the look by adding more mascara! This blends your real lashes with your fake ones.
This is how they look after all the steps!
And that’s it! That’s how I put on my false lashes. I learned from various other YouTubers and I’ll link their videos below.
If there’s anything else you want to see how I do, let me know!
How I learned to trim my lashes: LustreLux
How I learned the first method: Chrisspy
How I learned the second method: MakeUpShayla

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