Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544


This is my first time using anything from Make Up For Ever! I was so excited because I’ve always wanted to, but the price tag always scares me off. It was awesome being able to try something out.

Now, it says that this shadow is a “iridescent pink granite” shade but to me, it looks like a pretty lavender shade.

It’s a gel-powder formula and is super pigmented. Which is super weird because it’s suppose to be iridescent, which it is, but it’s also pigmented. That’s hard to do with a shimmer shade.

This is such an easy shade to use (regardless of whether you think it’s pink or purple). You can wear this as a daytime look, or use a deeper shade (since I think it’s purple, I would use a deep plum) in the outer corners to smoke it out.

I also think this would be such a cool highlight shade! Especially on deeper skin tones. I would not recommend this for anyone with fair skin, it would be too dark. But I think the shimmer could make for an interesting highlight. If anyone tries this out, send me pictures, I want to see!

This eyeshadow, like most of their products, is pretty expensive. At $21, you better make sure you love this shade more than anything.


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