Clean Reserve Warm Cotton

This is the kind of fragrance that I love. It’s clean and not too florally. But this scent is not for everyone. It literally smells like a fresh batch of laundry, or laundry detergent, and that’s not a scent everyone likes.
Annnnnnnd, this extension of the Clean brand, Clean Reserve, is all about obtaining pure ingredients in a responsible way! Particularly in this scent, benzion, the vanilla-like tone in this scent that comes from the bark of styrax trees, is cultivated and harvested by farmers in Southeast Asia in an eco-conscience way.
The ingredients in this perfume are cruelty-free and the packaging is really cute, simple and is made from recycled materials.
The notes in the perfume are Aldehydic Ginger, Watery Ozonic, Mint Green, Pepper Floral Accord, Musk, Incense, Vetiver.
This is a very fresh, clean scent. Hence, the name. If you are looking for something very girly and florally, this is not it.
This perfume comes in two sizes, 0.34oz and 3.4oz. The prices are $25 and $90, respectively. It’s a big size difference and even a bigger price difference so consider heading to Sephora to check it out before making a purchase.

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