Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I love trying out new mascara. It’s always fun and interesting as to how they compare with other formulas I’ve tried. What’s crazy about this mascara is that Urban Decay tested more than 80 formulas before finally getting to this one in the tube.
I love this wand. It’s nice and dense, nothing crazy, but something that no one really does anymore. It’s one of those wands that you know is going to coat every lash when you wiggle it on your lashes.
This mascara is very buildable, something I don’t too much of. One coat gives you the perfect enhancement to your own lashes, making them look black as my soul and still natural. But you definitely build this up for more length! And it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing mascara. I LOVE THAT. I feel like after I put mascara on, it feels very heavy and I don’t feel this way about the Perversion Mascara.
Usually, when I apply mascara, I’m a big fan of the laying different mascaras together. I’ll go in with a volumizing mascara and go over it with a lengthening mascara and love the way it looks. I think more people should do this. Why wouldn’t you use more than one formula if they both have things you want in your mascara?!
Anyway, this might be my new favorite mascara. Especially when I want to go for a more natural look.
This mascara comes in two sizes! That’s so exciting! You can get the travel size, which is 0.13oz for $10. Or you can get the full size, 0.4oz for $22. I like the travel size because, well, it’s easy to travel with. I can just throw this in my bag and go, plus it’s so much cheaper.

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