Psychobook: Games, Tests, Questionnaires, Histories by Julian Rothenstein

I’m not a big fan of coffee table books. I just don’t understand them. Why not just put out actual books you love and own on your coffee table? Would that not be a better conversation starter? I don’t know, that’s just my opinion. Also, coffee table books are expensive! Why?!
This book is interesting because it’s a look at the history of the tests and the things psychologists did back in the day. You even get to take some of the tests and in the back of the book are the answers. It’s crazy what some psychologists would think just because you like the color red.
It’s a lot of pictures like a lot of coffee table books. There’s not much actual reading. At $40, I would not buy this book. But, I mean, if you’re really into psychology or coffee books, go for it. It is different. I like how interactive it is.
This coffee table book comes out on September 6, 2016.
Favorite Quotes:
  • “As a kid, I was always befuddled by classmates whose reigning ambition was to ‘fit in’ – to blend with their peers as if into human wallpaper. I wanted to stand out.”
  • “Intelligence was becoming recognized as the exercise of the mind, rather than as the mechanical ability to repeat what is taught by rote.”
  • “The United States Declaration of Independence famously states that it is a truth self-evident that ‘the pursuit of happiness’ is ‘an inalienable right.’ But how do you measure personal fulfillment? All over the world there are thousands upon thousands who, seeking that elusive state of perfect contentment, go to shrinks, therapists, and counselors of all persuasions, employ personal trainers, sit at the feet of mystical gurus, turn to religion, or listen, rapt, to mediation teachers on CDs and DVDs. Getting people to feel fulfilled is a highly profitable business.”
*Note: This book was sent to me from ELLE Magazine and I am reviewing it for them.

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