Leo Makeup Look

I have the fortunate opportunity of having a Leo as a mother. She is the most generous and kind-hearted individual I know, which makes sense. Leo’s are just like that. This look is all about the orange lip I used. I don’t normally wear orange but this shade is so different. It’s not too bright and not too muted, it kind of looks like a sunset. For more information on Leo’s check it out here:
“People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders.”
“Leo is a fire sign, which means that he loves life and expects to have a good time.”
“Ruled by the Sun, Leo worships the Sun in all is forms which is also a metaphorical expression of the state of his ego.”
“Leo has a specific strength and ‘king of the jungle’ status.”
“Problems can arise, when Leo becomes too fond of his achievements.”
“This Fire sign is passionate and sincere.”
“The most generous sign of the zodiac, Leo is faithful and loyal friend.”
“Leos are full of zest and energy, and they tend to always be busy, no matter what is happening around them.”
“Jobs that allow expression of artistic talent, such as acting and entertainment, are ideal for a Leo.”
“Leo loves to be surrounded by modern and trendy things.”
For this look, I used the Ipsy x NYX Cosmetics 3 Color Shadow Palette. I used the lightest shade all over my lid and the darker shade on the outer corner of the eye. Then, I went in with my Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in 03 Neutral Khaki in the dark brown shade and blended that out in my crease. To finish off the eye look, I went back into my Ipsy x NYX Cosmetics 3 Color Shadow Palette and used the matte black shade to line and wing my eyes. I topped it with Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.
As for the lips, I went in with OPI Lipstick in Down To My Last Penny. Yes, OPI used to make lipsticks. I love this shade, it’s the perfect copper-orange color.
Let me know how you feel about this look in the comments below!

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