Virgo Makeup Look

Virgos are very loyal and practical. They work hard which is why they are so successful. This makeup look is more of a simple look and revolves around the color white. I think this is so fitting for Virgos since they have other priorities than to worry about how their makeup looks. To learn more about Virgo traits, check it out here:
“Virgos are always paying attention to smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac.”
“Virgo is an Earth sign, which prefers conservative and organized things, and those dependent on them.”
“Since Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, this sign has a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication.
“On the other hand, this zodiac sign sometimes can be very critical and overly concerned.”
“Virgos need to feel desirable by their partners.”
“Virgo as a friend is extremely useful to have.”
“Virgos are very practical, analytical and hard-working, so they will always know how to get to the core of the problem.”
“Virgos are excellent in spending of money, because they are very careful and they will always try to save as much as possible.”
“If you want to seduce the Virgo man, you must respect his need for cleanliness and order.”
“The Virgo personality is a mix of intelligence, attention to detail, common sense, and commitment.”
For the eyes, I used Maybelline’s The Nudes Palette. I covered my whole lid in the first sparkly white shade. Then I used the matte nude shadow from that palette (top row, third shade from the left) in my crease. In my outer corners, I used the off white shimmer shade in the palette (bottom row, fifth shade from the left). In the inner corners, I used Model Co.’s Highlighting Trio in Champagne. I finished the eye look with It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara.
For the lips and cheeks, I used Seraphine Botanicals Guava Butter in Pure Guava. and for a highlight, I used Em Cosmetics Makeup Mood Enhancer in Dewy Skin.
This is almost a no makeup makeup look, but I think the shimmer in the shadow and the dewiness from the highlight take it up a notch. What do you think?

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