Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Champagne Socialite

You know I hate getting nail polish in my glam bag, but I was really excited by the color of this nail polish that I overlooked it.
Trust Fund Beauty is a good brand. I love the cute names and tag lines for each shade. For this one, it’s “Poppin’ bottles and giving air kisses is a completely legit profession, if you know the right people.” SO CUTE. They are also a vegan and cruelty-free brand. Their nail polishes are alsoΒ 10-free, which is amazing.
The formula of the nail polish is good too. I could have gotten away with only doing one coat, but I did two because that’s what I always do. I wouldn’t call this a glitter polish, it’s more metallic. I don’t expect to have a hard time trying to get this off. According to Ipsy, it’s a bronze metallic shade but Trust Fund Beauty describes it as a rose gold foil and I agree with Trust Fund Beauty. This is not a bronze shade at all.
From what I gather, they literally mixed two of their existing shades to create this one. I also don’t think this is out yet? Which is pretty cool that Ipsy got it for their Ipsters. It says on the Trust Fund Beauty site that it’s available for pre-order. At $15, it’s pricey for a nail polish. But I don’t have anything like this in my whole collection. The metallic is very on trend for nails right now. It’s almost like a cheaper version of the chrome nail trend. And it is a 10-free polish, which I admire and love. I also really love the shades they carry. Overall, you’ll see me wearing this, especially during the winter months!
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