Naked Cosmetics Naked Advanced Aloe Cream

When I first saw this product, I thought it was just a lotion. It wasn’t until I saw Desi Perkins put it on her face that it dawned on me that it was a moisturizer. Turns out, you can put this on your face and your body.
I don’t really like the way this moisturizer smells. Which is really weird because it mostly smells like honey which I love. Hey Honey products are one of favorite lines and they smell like honey. I don’t know if it’s the caocao seed butter that’s in it too that I smell and don’t like. It kind of smells powdery to me and it throws me off and doesn’t make me want to put it on my face.
That being said, this moisturizer promotes cellular regeneration, softens the skin with coconut oil and shea butter, and smooths and heals the skin with Manuka honey.
Now, I have a weird skin type. I’m really oily on my nose and no where else. Usually you’re oily on your forehead and chin as well. Sometimes I’m oily on my chin, on occasion. And I used to be oily on my forehead, but not for a while. My forehead is rather dry. After using this moisturizer, my forehead is softer. So I can put aside the smell of pretty much anything as long as it words.
This product is new from the brand, they sell a bunch of makeup products since the brand is founded by four makeup experts. They recently expanded into skincare. And it’ll cost you. The cheapest bottle is $34.99. But use the code IPSY30 to save 30% off individual and regularly priced items. 

3 thoughts on “Naked Cosmetics Naked Advanced Aloe Cream

    • jeweleemc says:

      It’s just a moisturizer. Or you can use it as a hand cream. You just apply it after you wash your face, morning or night, before you apply any makeup!


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