Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector

Now, trying out this product, I was a little wary because I just recently tried out another one of their products and felt meh about it. I also think it’s funny that both of my subscription services wanted me to try out Living Proof this month.
I don’t normally use leave-in conditioners, which is what this is essentially. I like to do hair masks while I’m in the shower but that’s about it. I was really nervous to use this because you are suppose to apply this from roots to ends and that goes against everything I know about hair. You aren’t suppose to condition your roots! Conditioner shouldn’t go anywhere near the scalp! But I did it. For the sake of the review.
After I applied it, I thought about putting my hair in a braid so I could wake up tomorrow with nice wavy hair. But I have thick hair and I knew it probably wouldn’t dry and I didn’t want that to affect the results. I have to say I’m actually impressed with this product. My hair actually had some volume in the roots and my hair is shinier. The only problem I see is that this isn’t going to last. I don’t think my hair is greasy but I don’t feel like it’s clean either. I usually only wash my hair twice a week but I feel like I’m going to need to wash it tomorrow. Like the back of my head doesn’t feel nice as the rest of my hair.
Now, I could probably fix this by just shampooing the leave-in conditioner out, which is an option that they say you can do. But doesn’t that defeat the point? Don’t call this a leave-in conditioner if you say you can shampoo it out.
It says that this conditioner will last through five washes, which I haven’t tested. You can also use this if you color your hair or if you use a keratin or other straightening treatment.
I personally like using hair masks so I’ll probably stick to that. If you are interested in this product, you’ll have to pay $28 which isn’t a bad price. I think this would best benefit those who are on the go most of the time and like to save time in the shower.

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