Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper

I pretty much cried when I saw that this was in my bag this month. I have always wanted to try this because everyone and their mother talk about this! My best friend got her bag first and she knew I would freak out when I saw this in there.
This eyeliner is waterproof and is hands down the blackest black eyeliner I have every used. Ally and I were just talking about this yesterday and we both agreed that this is sooooo black. If you’re into matte black eyeliner, this is not going to be your jam. This is a shiny black and I personally love it. I think matte black eyeliners make them look less black if that makes sense.
Now, when Ally asked me what I thought about the eyeliner, I was nervous to tell her my thoughts. Because even though I loved how black this eyeliner was, I wasn’t so sure that I was a fan about it. This isn’t a felt tip eyeliner, instead it has 325 tapered bristles and I kind of hate them…. Maybe I’m just not used to it because I have been using a felt top eyeliner for a long time, but this brush head just moves so much! I felt like it took me forever to get a straight line and I was nervous that one slight movement and all of my hard work would be messed up.
I’m totally going to continue using this. I think with practice I’ll get used to the brush and how wiggly it is. At $20, I might repurchase this again. Like I said, this is the blackest eyeliner I have ever used. I have to admit, the cult following will probably lead my back to this eyeliner too.

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