Essie’s “Party On A Platform”

I know this season I’m all about olive green, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about my beloved burgundy. The first time I ever got acrylic nails, I had them painted a deep shade of burgundy. I love this darker shade of red. Which is why I was hyped to see Party On A Platform in Essie’s Winter 2016 Collection.
Now, looking at the bottle, I was a little iffy about it because I was worried that it wasn’t going to be as dark as I liked. But know that this shade does dry down darker. It looks a little more cranberry in the bottle, so if that’s the color you’re looking for, I don’t suggest picking this up.
For this shade, you’re going to need at least two to three coats to get it cohesive.
Also, this collection is FINALLY available to purchase! It’s inspired by London in the 60s so think a chicer Austin Powers. AΒ bottle of polish is $9.00.Β I can’t wait to show you the rest of the collection in the coming weeks!
Have you seen the collection yet? What’s your favorite shade? Let me know!

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