Essie’s “Go With The Flowy”

Go With The Flowy.JPG
This is probably my least favorite shade of the collection. I just don’t think it looks good on me. I do better with warm toned colors and this cool gray is the exact opposite. describes this color as “cloudlike dove gray” which is funny to me because clouds and doves are usually white.
There is a microglitter in this polish which is what I liked about it. I think this would be such a pretty color when holiday parties start coming around. It would be a nice neutral so you could wear festive colors in your outfit. However, the microglitter doesn’t come through on your actual nails. You can kind of see it, if the light is hitting it right, but it’s not as shimmery as the bottle makes it seem.
At $9 a bottle, I think there other, more beautiful shades in this collection. I might bring this back out again once winter comes around, but until then I’ll be sticking to my more fall shades.

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