noyah Natural Lipstick in “Smoke”

Mini lipsticks return! I love mini lipsticks, they are so cute and are even easier to travel with.
I’ve never heard of noyah before this, but what they put in their lipsticks is pretty rad. They have vitamin b and shea butter to plump and hydrate lips, beeswax for moisture, coconut oil to soften, olive oil to heal and stevia for sweetness. I’ve never heard of stevia in a lipstick before!
I wasn’t crazy about the shade. What looks like a cool nineties brown/nude shade in the tube is actually a lavender shade with a cool gray undertone that makes the lips look…interesting. I honestly don’t care for the shade on me. I wish it was just a regular nude. Maybe I would feel differently if the lipstick was more opaque.
At $18 for a full size lipstick, I don’t know. You can get them a bit cheaper by using the code noyahIPSY for 25% off the whole site. I really love the formula of these. They are a semi-matte finish and so comfortable on the lips. However, I have other lipsticks I love that are cheaper and are more opaque. I think it’s worth checking out their product, but I won’t be repurchasing this, especially not in this shade.

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