Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I have to say I was pretty surprised that Ipsy would send out foundation samples. On our profiles, all they ask us is out skin tone. They don’t ask our skin type or anything like that. However, I’ve heard some very good things about this foundation as of late so I was excited to try it.
Now, Ipsy did get my color wrong. They sent me the shade Dark Sand but would have probably been better off in Marble. But I wasn’t going to put that against the foundation because that’s Ipsy’s fault not Make Up For Ever’s. I started applying the foundation with a damp sponge and didn’t really like the way it was working so I decided to use my fingers.
The formula itself is very watery. It’s a very liquid foundation. I also find irony in the name, Invisible Cover because it really don’t cover much. I know that they meant the name as it covers everything but I didn’t find that. Maybe if you keep building the foundation up, which you could do, but I don’t really have that option with such a small sample. I would say you could probably get a light to medium coverage with this foundation. This is something you could wear everyday, but I wouldn’t wear this for big events. What I did love is that I couldn’t feel the foundation on my skin. It’s very lightweight.
If you have dry skin I do not recommend this foundation. This is best for those with oily skin, in my opinion. My skin is going through something right now. If you follow me on Twitter, you know. While I used to have oily skin, now my skin is more dry. All I have been doing is drinking tons of water but my skin isn’t there yet. Any dry patches I have, the foundation clung to. It made the coverage uneven and bothered me all day.
You do NOT need to set this with powder. I was actually afraid to because I didn’t want the foundation to cling to it. There is a pretty wide shade range for this foundation, 40 different shades, actually. At $43, this isn’t cheap. But if you have oily skin and want a lightweight foundation with a light to medium coverage to wear everyday, I think you’ll get your money’s worth.

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