Preventive Measures 101 Lips 101 After Hours

This is a chapstick. There’s no going around this. This post won’t be long because I’m not sure how much I can write about lip balm. Just know that I love lip balm and I’m one of those people who loves applying it. And yes, I have finished a tube of lip balm before.
I love that Ipsy partnered with this brand because a portion of their proceeds go to cancer research. So every Ipsy subscriber who got this knows that a part of the $10 they spend every month for the service went to a good cause.
When I first got this, I smelled something familiar in it, but couldn’t figure it out. It does not smell like your normal lip balm. And then I read the ingredients. I was smelling apples. This formula has a blend of grapefruit, pomegranate, and apple seed oil to help repair and hydrate lips. There is also chamomile to help relieve cracked skin and inflammation.
Now this lip balm is pricey, but it does keep your lips smooth and soothing. I was wearing it all day yesterday and I haven’t put anything on my lips today and they are still soft. When you remember that a portion of the proceeds goes to cancer research, the $13 price tag can be justified.

4 thoughts on “Preventive Measures 101 Lips 101 After Hours

    • Anonymous says:

      I am the CEO of Preventive Measures 101, just to clarify, Preventive Measures 101 is a lip balm, Chapstick is a brand that also produces lip balm. I would appreciate you NOT referring to Preventive Measures brand as Chapstick. Also, our technology of a time release moisture is what makes the lip balm stand out from ALL the rest on the market. It is the pioneer of the technology. That’s why you do not have to keep applying & the price point validates that as you would not be purchasing the product as often as you would if you were purchasing Chapstick or another lip balm product!!!
      Best & Thanks,
      Anjani Singh
      CEO for Preventive Measures 101

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