Essie’s “Ready To Boa”

This is the perfect shade as we coming November in tomorrow. This is also a great Halloween color if you have plans for tonight!
This “glistening bronzed mahogany” color is what I pretty much what my hair color to be for now and always. In case you don’t speak nail polish describer (seriously, who writes these shade descriptions?) this nail polish is a brown shade with a burgundy and plum undertone. I really love those undertones because they give so much life to the brown shade itself. By glistening, they mean shimmer. This polish is just shy of being duo-chrome.
This is something I’ll be wearing time and time again as November comes and goes. Also, I think this would be the PERFECT shade for any Thanksgiving Eve/ Thanksgiving plans you might have. Right now, this shade is sold out, but keep your eye out for a restock, because you’re going to want this shade as the holidays near.

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