Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in Driver’s Seat

You know I love lipstick, so you also know that I was SUPER excited to try out Smashbox’s new liquid lipstick formula!
In the tube, I was feeling eh about the shade. It wasn’t anything special. But after putting it on, man, this lipstick is so unique. It has an almost orange undertone to a pink lip. However, Smashbox just describes it as a warm pink shade.
CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FORMULA? Okay. Dude. It’s amazing. I’m that girl who puts on lipstick and forgets to bring the lipstick with me when I go out, so I’m usually left with wiping it off two hours later when it gets patchy. BUT NOT THIS ONE. NOPE. I ate and drank with it on and it was still there! Like ?! After about five hours of wear, there was slight wear in the inner of my lips, but not severe butthole lip. And if you don’t know what butthole lips are, look it up. It’s safe. Also, I’ve said butthole way too many times for one blog post. Butthole.
You hardly feel this on your lips. It’s not sticky, but the first 20 minutes, if I closed my mouth, I kind of got my lips stuck together. But that goes away.
This lipstick is made with jojoba, apricot, and sunflower oil, so your lips don’t feel dry! Which is great because Winter is Coming.Β 
Β To be honest, I feel bad for using that because I don’t even watch the show. Forgive me.
You are supposed to get 8-hour wear out of this and I can totally see that. I only have reapplied this once today and the only reason I did was because I was taking pictures for this post and wanted it to be perfect.
At $24 they aren’t exactly cheap. Honestly? They have such a wide range of colors and this formula is really good. I also forgot to mention how great the applicator is! (It’s da bomb. It’s a teardrop shade, so you can line your lips with the point and easily with it with the rest of the applicator.) I wouldn’t mind picking up a few of the other colors in this collection. I suggest you do it too!

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