Derek Lam 10 Crosby Silent St.

It’s weird because I don’t usually like floral scents but I actually really like this one. The blend of white musk and subtle floral really does make me love wearing this scent. I think it’s because white musk is more soft and fresh than regular musk that you find in most perfumes and really balances out the floral notes.
The 10 Crosby line from Derek Lam is really a creative concept. There are 10 fragrances that are inspired by 10 stories about modern women on Crosby Street, where the designer’s studio is located.
This isn’t a cheap fragrance, like most of them. You can get 1.7oz for $95 or 5.9oz for $175. As always, it’s important to visit your local Sephora and test out the scent before you drop all your money on this scent. I will totally be wearing this perfume this month! It’s the perfect fall scent!

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