Elizabeth Mott Color is Bae Lip Lacquer in Moxie Mauve

I’m very impressed by this liquid lipstick formula. It’s very comfortable on the lips, you barely  know it’s there (there is a slight stickiness to it) and it doesn’t budge.
Seriously, I’m not kissing anyone right now, but you could totally kiss someone while wearing this without worrying about this getting on them. I ate a sandwich, A SANDWICH, and I didn’t have to worry about my lipstick going anywhere. God, I love sandwiches. And budge-proof lipstick, of course.
The only real problem I have is the shade description. Ipsy describes this as a pinky-nude. No. This is pink. I know that nude and slightly pink nudes and mauvy shades are in right now, but you cannot call this a pinky-nude. Call it like it is, it’s a pink lipstick. It’s a really pretty shade, but it’s not a pinky-nude. It’s like a raspberry, bubblegum pink. From what I’ve read on reviews, a lot of their shades are INTENSE with pigment. It doesn’t seem like this product is for the faint of heart.
I even think asking for $20 isn’t that much. It’s a little more expensive than drugstore (with a better formula) and cheaper than what a lot of semi-expensive brands are offering. But if you think $20 is a lot of money, don’t worry. Use the code BAE30 for 30% off all purchases. I’m dying to try their shade Nudist.

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