Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I was so excited to see a Too Faced product in this month’s glam bag! I’ve heard such great things about this mascara so I couldn’t wait to test it out.
I love the hourglass shaped wand. I think some brands are getting a little bit too experimental with their wand shape. I like that Too Faced kept it classic.
This formula really does separate and lengthen your lashes without making them look like spider legs, which is a pet peeve of mine. This formula also lasts such a long time. I went out to run errands today and just threw on mascara and didn’t get back until late and my mascara is still in place.
This is also one of those mascaras that just looks good as is. I’m not wearing eyeliner or eye shadow and I feel good just wearing this mascara.
This mascara is $23, which is kinda pricey. However, if you use the code IPSTERLOVE2016 you will get 20% off your purchase PLUS free shipping! Better than sex, indeed.

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