Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil

Oils have been something that’s been talked about a lot lately, especially on this blog. So I was really excited with I got a face oil, something I have never used before, in my November Glam Bag.
This oil is got just for the face either, you can use it on your  hair, your nails, and on your neck and chest. But I’ll be using this mostly on my face at night. It’s packed with vitamin C to help keep your skin bright.



I also have come to the conclusion that this could be the answer to my cream contour woes. By adding a drop of this to my cream contour, it would be so much easier to pick up the product and move it around. I haven’t tried this out yet, so I don’t know how great or horrible this idea is, but I’m very hopeful.
Like most face oils, this is expensive, $48. But luckily, I have a discount code for 20% off any purchase! Use IPSYDEC at checkout!
Do you have any face oils you love to use? Or, even better, how the hell do you apply your cream contour? Do you use a face oil? Let me know!

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