Cover FX Illuminating Primer

This primer is irritant-free,Β paraben-free and silicone-free. It has loads of anti-inflammatory and contains vitamin-rich ingredients. It gets rid of any dullness thanks
This is just like any primer you would use. You apply it before foundation and on top of your clean skin. I suggest using a moisturizer before the primer as you always should.
This primer gives you a lovely glow thanks to the light-reflecting mineral complex, Gatuline Radiance Illuminate and Refine. Apparently, it’s a natural ingredient that belongs toΒ Cover FX.
So what’s really cool about this primer is that if you use it continuously, you get skin care benefits as well. This primer was formulated with dermatologist and works with even the most sensitive skin types.
The full size of this product is $38, which is expensive for a primer. But when you take into consideration that this is also a sort of skincare product, you can see where the money goes to.
What is your favorite face primer to use? Let me know below!

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