Stella McCartney POP

This perfume is very light and florally with a base note of sandalwood.
The floral scents in this perfume are violet, tuberose, and plumeria. The base notes are sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk.
This perfume is more of a scent that I would wear in the spring time. I wouldn’t wear this all the time in the coming cold months.
It’s not too girly but it does lean more that way. With the pretty pink packaging and the name of POP, you have to figure it’s more of a light girly scent.
What I do love about this perfume is that it comes in so many different sizes. You can test it out for $25 and get 0.25oz in a rollerball form. You can get 1oz for $50, 1.6oz for $72, or, if you really like the scent, you can get 3.3oz for $92.
I would check out the other POP products as well, like the body lotion or the shower gel. They even have a little gift set!



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