GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

I finally understand the big commotion when it comes to this brand. I’ve heard great things on top of great things. But I wasn’t really buying into it. But that changed the moment I applied the mask to my face.
It feels expensive and as if you’re at a spa.  This mask is supposed to tighten your pores and exfoliate your skin and it does just that.
The ingredients in this mask aren’t like anything I’ve seen before. Volcanic rock, French sea clay, ginger leaf, and green tea leaf are just some of the ingredients that stand out.
If you’re not into masks, have no fear, for you can use this mask as a spot treatment. Which you might want to consider doing anywhere when you find out the full-sized product costs $69. But now that I’ve used the mask, I can see the hype and it doesn’t seem so crazy to spend that much on this product. But don’t panic too much, they do have a smaller size, 0.5oz for $22.
In summary, do you need this mask? Probably not. Should you test it out? Yes. It’s great for those days when you pamper yourself and really seems to work.
***I’m away for the week of 12/1 to 12/8 so new posts might not be going up every day, but I’m going to try. For example, there was not post yesterday because I was traveling all day.***

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