Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel in Pin Up Pink

I was not excited about this product. I was scared of it. The vibrancy of the color in the tube is intimidating. I don’t wear bright pinks like that.
The only reason I even wore the lip was for this blog post. And I have to say, it’s not as bright as I thought it was going to be. It’s definitely pink, but not the hot pink color that’s in the tube. And if you don’t layer it up, it’s hardly pink at all.
The gloss formula itself is pretty good. It’s not sticky which I like. It seems like a lot of companies have upped their gloss formula which I’m loving. And the gloss lasts quite awhile. I mean, I wouldn’t put this on and then dive into a burger, but it’s good for when you just want your lips to put juicy AF.
What’s also cool about this gloss is how hydrating it is. It really doesn’t dry my lips out like some other glosses which are always a plus.
You’ve heard me sing the graces of the Sephora brand before and you’ll hear them again and again. Their products are great quality without making your wallet sad. This gloss is only $12. And while I wouldn’t buy this particular shade, they have tons of other shades and finishes. Yes, different lip gloss finishes. They are even having a sale right now where some of their glosses are $5. Make sure you check them out, it would be a great stocking stuffer!

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