Instagram Giveaway!

I’ve reached 700+ followers on Instagram!!! Thank you all so much for your support and friendship.
To show you how much all of my Instagram followers mean to me, I’m doing a special giveaway, just for them! (Make sure you’re following me!)
I’m giving away two nail polishes that you’ve seen me review on this blog before.
Essie’s “Now And Zen” as well as “Kimono-Over” are up for grabs this time around. These polishes are from their fall 2016 line and retail for $9 a piece.
1) You must be following me on Instagram (I linked my profile above!).
2) You must like the photo of these two polishes, it should be fairly recent)
3) You must comment on the photo and tag a friend. (Don’t you want to let them know about this awesome giveaway?)
You can only enter if you have a U.S. address! Sorry, but I can’t afford to send international but hopefully one day I will get there!
This giveaway is running from 12/5/2016 at 6PM EST to 12/12/2016 at 6PM EST.
Thank you so much again for being a part of my journey and here’s to many more friendships and many more blog posts!

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