Wednesday Wisdom!

For me, 2016 was about relationships I have with people. Whether it be friendships or romantic relationships. I had to get out of relationships that were hindering my growth or bring me more stress than joy.

Which isn’t easy to do by any means, but I’m glad that I did it. I have to believe I am better for it. But that doesn’t mean that those relationships didn’t affect me in a positive way. I am who I am now because of those friendships and relationships. It’s important to know and acknowledge that you can still cherish the good times you’ve had, even if you don’t speak anymore.

One thought on “Wednesday Wisdom!

  1. ivefoundwaldo says:

    getting out of those relationships that are holding you back, are so difficult to get out of, but I’m proud of you for doing something in order to improve yourself as a person! Happy holidays, and I hope 2017 is better for you xxx


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