My New Year’s Resolutions from 2016

I make resolutions every year. I know the big trend now is to drop them and just live your life, but I personally like resolutions. I love being able to sit down and think about all the things I would like to do in the coming year. Then I love going out and trying to make that happen.
I think people are against resolutions because they become go hard on themselves to complete them. I don’t do that. I look at my list about once a month and try to get things done, but I don’t kill myself trying to cross everything off my list.
So this list is a check in on my resolutions from 2016. Some things I got to, others I didn’t. I’m proud of myself just the same.

1. Forgive Yourself More

I don’t know if I accomplished this. I think it’s been harder as of late. I think going out on job interviews has been really hard on me. I always seem to have high hopes and consistently feel like I’m letting myself and the others around me down for not getting a job.

2. Learn How To Lift

I did learn how to lift a little! Although I haven’t been to an actual gym since I graduated, (Who can afford a gym membership?) I loved the feeling it gave me. I miss lifting. That’s the only reason I would go to a gym. It made me feel so strong and powerful even when I was hardly lifting anything.

3. Start – And Maintain – AΒ YouTube Channel


I did start this! I wouldn’t say I’m posting on their consistently but I am posting more than when I started. It kinda just happens when I plan out blog posts which involve makeup tutorials or subscription reviews. I would say that it is maintained. I’m learning as I go.

4. Do Things You Love More Consistently


This I am doing. It’s this blog. It’s writing. It’s talking about things that are hard to talk about. It’s makeup. It’s reading. This blog has saved my life and for that, and all of you who read it, I am forever thankful.

5. Let Go Of Temporary People


I did this a lot this year. It was the main theme it seems. Sometimes it was my decision, other times it wasn’t. Being independent on myself was a hard lesson I had to learn. One that I should have embraced a long time ago. It’s still not easy.

6. Live AΒ Healthy Lifestyle


I went to a nutritionist for a while and I loved it. I loved being able to talk about my concerns and fears and being able to come up with solutions to them with a professional. I also started Meatless Mondays in the middle of this year after a very dramatic episode where I refused any and all meat products for a week. I’ve become really into cooking this past summer and I would love to expand that creative outlet in the new year in a healthy way.

7. Learn To Play The Guitar


I did this! I’m not fantastic, but I took a guitar class at college and got an A in it! It was a lot of work, but it taught me the basics that I would have struggled with for a long time if I had just tried to learn them by myself. I haven’t picked up the guitar in a month or so, which isn’t good. I know if I want to get better I have to play every day.
Are you making resolutions for 2017? If you are, let me know what they are in the comments!

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