OPI’s I Snow You Love Me

I wanted something flashy for New Year’s Eve. This is a collaboration with Mariah Carey from a couple of years ago. I think this glittery shade is perfect for celebrating the new year.
I know I used this shade on all my nails, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I think this would look just as look as an accent nail. I love this shade because it is reminiscent of the holographic trend that is all the rage lately.
The best way to apply any glitter polish like this one is with a beauty sponge. You apply the glitter polish directly to the sponge, which soaks up the liquid of the polish, so you’re just left with the glitter on the sponge. Β Then you can just pat it onto your nails!
You can grab this polish for only $4.50 on eBay right now! Such a steal considering OPI polishes are usually around $9.

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