Wednesday Wisdom!

I still have never seen Sex in the City! It’s on my list of things to watch, but I’m still waiting for it to come to Netflix. When are they going to make that happen?!
I have seen The Carrie Diaries, though. I LOVED that series and I was so upset when I found out they canceled the show. The Carrie Diaries is also a book series that I would love to get into. Which makes the whole thing complicated. What to I watch/read first?
Anyway, I like this quote because it brings up an interesting question for us to ponder as The Worst Year Ever comes to a close. Are we going to let everything that happened in 2016 define us in 2017? Or are we going to become stronger because of it?
Personally, I like to think that 2016 was so hard for me so I can handle whatever 2017 throws at me with poise and grace.
I’m ready for you, 2017.

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