Essie’s Tassel Shaker

img_5654I’m still celebrating the new year this week with this beautiful copper tinsel-like glitter polish.
Essie’s website describes the color as a “precious copper & bronze fused for a lustrous look.”
I used the same tip as I did last week, using a triangle makeup sponge to apply more glitter in one application.
Before I even applied this polish, I used these keratin gloves. They are supposedย to make your nails stronger, your hands softer and make using nail prep easier. And it was! I loved it. I was still able to use my phone and laptop while wearing these gloves and my hands were so soft after. You can check them out here.
Back to the polish, this shade isn’t too new but I love a good glitter polish. This is part of Essie’s Fringe Luxeffect collection. The texture is insane. I really love how this looks like a party on your nails. You’ll see me using more from this collection in the coming weeks for sure! You can grab it for $8.50.

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