REN Clean Skincare Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

In English, this is a brightening mask. It contains glycol acid from pineapple, lactic acid from passion fruit, citric acid from lemon, tartaric acid from grapes, and papain from papaya. These acids help exfoliate and brighten the skin. It helps minimize pores and with hyperpigmentation.
It’s also supposed to help with post-acne scarring, sun damage, and fine lines.
It seems to me that it’s more of a chemical peel. It didn’t dry down in the allotted time (10 minutes) that I had to wear the mask. It says on the bottle that this product is NOT suitable for sensitive skin.
This product has a lot of five-star reviews on Sephora, where you can purchase this mask for $55.
I have to say this did help with any dry, flaky skin I had. It also gives a very dewy complexion which is a bonus in these cold winter months.

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