Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

The have only used this setting spray a few times before getting this in my Sephora Play! Box. I stole from Ally’s arsenal and I always liked it. It really locks your makeup in place and keeps your makeup from settling into any fine lines you have.  It has a patented temperature control technology that helps regulate moisture which is interesting.
What I didn’t know about this setting spray is that Urban Decay actually collaborated with SKINDINÄVIA to create it. SKINDINÄVIA is the end all, be all of setting sprays. It’s dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. And it supposed to keep your makeup in place for 16 hours!
If you’re still not using a setting spray, you really should. It’s necessary for when you’re going for a night out or if you’re going from work to after work drinks. You just hold it about eight inches away from your face and spray. It says to do it in an “X” or “T” motion, but I just do the middle and the sides. I guess it’s whatever floats your boat!
You can purchase this setting spray for $15 and you get 1oz or you can get 4oz for $31. The packaging has changed so don’t be alarmed when you click on the link and it’s different. It’s the same product, just in new packaging!

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