Wednesday Wisdom!




I can’t lie, it’s been super exhausting working a full-time job and trying to keep up with this blog. Most nights I just want to come home, put on some sweats, eat takeout, watch some Netflix, and go to bed. I’ve been trying really hard to not do that. I think my body is just still adjusting to my new life and schedule. At least that’s what I’m hoping it is. But the thing that keeps me looking forward is you guys. Every time I see one of you like a post or a new follower, I get so excited that I’m putting out content that you enjoy. So I just wanted to say thank you for supporting me, for bearing with me through these changes, and for being that thing that keeps me looking forward.


One thought on “Wednesday Wisdom!

  1. Donna Catone says:

    Hi Julie,
    I truly understand how you feel even though I don’t work anymore. I so remember those days raising my girls. Do the best you can. Take time to be lazy…. I love reading your posts and have always wished I could do my makeup as beautiful as you do yours. Keep blogging, watching from afar….


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