Hazing From The Other Side

I bet you didn’t know I was in a sorority. For a semester. Then I dropped my letters.
It really wasn’t a hard decision, just a bad break up. I told my sisters it was changing the pledging process, or me.
I bet you can assume what they chose.
Hazing is something that happens in EVERY Greek Organization. There are just different levels of severity. The process of my former organization wasn’t as bad as others on campus.
I was the worst pledge in their eyes but I still made it through, despite my threats of dropping out. But if I thought pledging was hard (which it was), watching others go through the process was harder.
You can sneak a peek into my mind when I was a sister and dropping my letters here. And as always, there’s an excerpt of my article below.

“If you told anyone that I went to high school with that I would join a sorority, they would laugh at you. They wouldnโ€™t believe it. I donโ€™t look or act like any of the sorority girls you see in the movies or on television. I never planned on doing it, it just happened. I fell in love with the organization and the girls in it. A few months later, after an exhaustingย relationship, I broke up with Greek Life.

Now, before we get into this, you should know something. I still have great hope for what Greek Life can be, but there are things that have to change. I fell in love with Greek Life because I loved all the volunteer work members of Greek Life do. You can see hundreds of different Greek organizations come together to raise money for a cause at least once a week.”


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