Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Seed 5-in-1 Mud Mask + Exfoliant

I’m very tired of every mask I see is either a sheet mask or an exfoliating mask. I just was a simple, basic mask. If you have any suggestions, leave them for me down below!
That being said, this mask is pretty good. It is said to help brighten, detoxify, tighten, soothe, and exfoliant (obviously). Now I haven’t used this mask often enough to know if it does all of that. I did notice that my skin tightened after using this, so that’s a plus.
What’s in the mask is what’s really cool. You can find blue lotus seed, bamboo, white clay, ginger, and mushroom. Like??? I have never seen these ingredients in a mask before. Mushroom?! Bamboo? I think that’s the best part of this mask. How many other times can you say you have bamboo and mushroom on your face?
They recommend to wear this mask in the shower, which I haven’t done yet but I plan to. This makes it easier to apply to your neck and chest.
The full size of this product retails for $52, which is a lot of money. But lucky for us, I have a coupon code for 30% off any purchase! Just use the code MudIpsy30 at checkout. It’s valid until 2/28/2017.

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