Wednesday Wisdom!

I love Scrubs. I have seen every episode and it’s just one of those shows that I wish never ended. It was the perfect balance of sweet moments and hilarious ones.
I really love this quote from the show in particular because I think it’s something that applies to everyone and something we don’t take the time to think about.
Regardless of whether the decisions you make are good or bad, they brought you to where you are today. You wouldn’t be who you are without the risks you took.
For example, one of my friends was debating whether to take a job here on Long Island or if she should continue her schooling in another state. I told her to go to school. There will always be other jobs even if they are harder to come by, but this experience is a one chance type of deal.
What’s one risk you took that you were scared about taking, but in the end were really glad you took it?

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