Ouai Treatment Masque

As with other products from Ouai, I was confused on how to use this because there are different wants one can use this.
I’m going to talk about the way I used it since I can’t attest to the other ways that you can use this product since I haven’t used them in that way before.
I applied this mask to my dry hair before I went into the shower. I left it on for 10 minutes and then jumped into the shower where I then shampooed my hair and washed the mask out. I didn’t use conditioner after because I’m not sure if you’re supposed to or not but I didn’t want to weigh my hair down.
This mask claims to help damaged hair and is supposed to leave your hair smoother and softer. I did feel like my hair smoother. I didn’t have as much fizz as I normally would but I didn’t feel like my hair was any softer than it usually is.
This mask is made from artichoke leaf extract which is supposed to help seal in the moisture in your hair and help protect it from UV rays.
The full sized product comes in little packs to use once. You can get eight packets for $32.

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