OPI’s “Liv” in the Gray

I love this dark gray. This is a great alternative to black as we fight our way to the end of winter. OPI describes it as an “edgy, sophisticated dark gray,” which I couldn’t agree with more.
This is one of those chic colors that all the cool girls wear. I personally like this color better on shorter nails, though it would look fine on longer ones too.
This is a color that would look great on all skin tones. If you are fair skinned, I think this is a better option than black because it’s not as harsh as black can look against the skin. But again, do what you want. If you love black nail polish, WEAR IT. I always give my take on nail polish shades cause I’m the girl that stands in the nail salon for 20 minutes finding a shade that will compliment my skin tone. I know not everyone is like that.
Unfortunately, I can only seem to find this shade on eBay if you’re interested in acquiring in it.

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