AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

I’ve always wanted to try a cushion compact so I was so excited to see thisΒ in my Play! Box.
This cushion compact is said to help hydrate, protect and give buildable coverage to the skin.
I wish the sample packaging was better. I think all my problems with this compact derive from the packaging. I do love that this came with two shades. I got 104 Tan Blush and 106 Almond Blush, both of which have pink undertones. And the mini sponge that came with it is so cute and mini! I even used it to blend out my concealer and it did so beautifully. I’m going to hold on to that for sure.
So I used the shade 104 Tan Blush all over my face and I used 106 Almond Blush as a bronzer of sorts. I really liked the shades they sent me. This compact does have a fragrance to it, so if you’re sensitive to smells I’m not sure if you’ll be down with that. I love the smell, though. I don’t mind it at all.
They also have a very limited shade range. I still don’t understand how it’s 2017 and this is still a common problem.
I did feel like I was running low on product before I finished my face. I didn’t want to test on how buildable the coverage is because I want to use this again for my post on Sunday and was afraid to flip the cushion because of that.
Like I said, I’m sure all of these issues wouldn’t exist if the packaging was better. So you can get a travel-size of this product, in what seems to be much better packaging, for $15. Or you can get the full-sized product for $60.



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